Resilience – crisis competence

Resilience, another word for it would be crisis competence, is the force of resistance that can unfold even under the most adverse circumstances and stressful living conditions.

Do not give the tax out of hand in challenging situations

Resilient people show us how they can master their lives successfully even under high stress and in challenging life situations, how even life and serenity can still be established. They are proven to be more successful in their education and in the job and live a happier life.

In our international Resilience Project, we have collected and developed various Resilience training methods and materials, which we would like to pass on to interested persons during this seminar.

This is the structure of our resilience concept, which we have developed together with Univ.-Prof. Bengt Lindström, a student of Aaron Antonovsky:


Focus on the present and make the best of the “here and now”; Find the balance between past, present and future-oriented thinking

Get your life under control

to live an active life; Find coping strategies to master stress, obstacles and problems and to consciously perceive positive aspects

Building relationships

Resilience and well-being through being together and sharing with other people

Acceptance and optimistic thinking (trust in the future)

Positive ideas that promote resilience in everyday life

Solution and goal orientation

instead of thinking about problems Thinking structures that allow a solution

Healthy Lifestyle

“Salutogenetic” approach to strengthen resilience through physical and mental health
Confidence in your own strengths and resources

Confidence trust

In their own strengths and resources