Our philosophy

  • Blickpunkt Identität is lively, flexible and customer-oriented.
  • Blickpunkt Identität is holistic, creative and networked.
  • Blickpunkt Identität is solution-oriented, constructive and contributes to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


The more hidden potential a person realizes (again), the more open and courageous she/he can also go new ways and come to creative and sustainable solutions.

In any case, learning is also to be fun, then it is easier and the learned anchors more sustainably in the long-term memory (brain research)!

Through our international education projects, we are constantly learning and continuing to share this knowledge in our seminars and consultations.


Through our diversity of methods in our seminars and consultations, we want to enable lively learning. A learning, therefore, that people as Whole, and gives him great freedom in the appropriation and structuring of knowledge.

In seminars, we feel committed to constructivist didactics.

According to this, knowledge acquisition is a constructive process that depends on prior knowledge, perception, the context of action, and the current emotional state. As a knowledge mediator, we therefore want to create stimulating learning environments that make effective and sustainable learning experience possible and which appeal to our participants as whole and valuable individuals.

In counseling and coaching, we choose an integrative approach that includes different methodological approaches such as systemic approach, psychodrama, Gestalt therapy, or active psychoanalysis. In this way, we can use different methods depending on the topic and the conversation partner and are not restricted to a school of thought in our approach.


The first step towards learning is the YES to that. We consider it our task to make it easier for our participants to take this step through suitable framework conditions, a viable relationship level as well as our method selection.

Starting from the fact that every human being has a natural impulse to grow, we go a step further and want to learn from each other out of joy and fascination.

The latest learning pedagogical concepts are applied in the same way as the tried and tested ones, in order to facilitate the implementation of the learning experience and to increase the sustainability.