Systemic structure and family Constellation

make unconscious attitudes, loyalties and relationship dynamics visible and tangible – and thus mobile.

With this solution-oriented method, you will find your individual way out of a problematic situation towards more scope for action and the freedom to act independently.

  • It can come as a surprise, for example obstacles turn out to be resources.
  • You will experience your parents (perhaps for the first time) as a source of strength.
  • Unpleasant feelings such as helplessness or anger are transformed into serenity and affection.
  • One or the other AHA experience comes to mind.

 A constellation runs in four phases:

1. Pre-discussion and clarification

In a short conversation, you will summarize your concerns and we will work together to find out which persons or elements you can use as substitutes for the initial picture. Often new insights arise from this conversation. If you do not have an appropriate formulation for the goal of your constellation, this conversation will also help.

2. Set the initial image

On the basis of the findings in the preliminary discussion, you are looking for a representative for yourself and for representatives for the persons who, apart from you, still have a share in your concern.
According to your own inner picture, you place these persons in the room.

3. Process work

The people now in the room will give you new insights into the dynamics of your problem. Change of place, various gestures and phrases, which the representatives will carry out and speak under my leadership, will show you new solutions and resources for which you have not yet had access.

4. Integration

If it is right for you, imagine yourself in the place of your representative and get the strength that comes from this solution for you.

In a discussion after the session, you will work out strategies how you can integrate the new insights into your everyday life through your behaviour.

Often it is useful to have a closer look at your family historybefore the constellation:
Was there injustice, expulsions from home, tragic fates, guilt or illness?

Experience shows that such events can have an effect on generations and influence us unconsciously.

Susanne Linde